Fully Customizable

Changepoint is a fully customizable solution in order to match you company needs. Whether you are searching for Professional Services Automation (PSA), Services Resource Planning (SRP) or New Product Development (NPD), the solution is still the same. Changepoint PSA software allows you to effectively manage all aspects of your services organization. Changepoint's integrated PSA solution provides complete project financial management, including total operational visibility, more consistent and reliable data, streamlined invoicing and in-depth financial reporting, allowing financial executives the ability to maintain top-line revenues with bottom-line profitability.

Single Solution

Changepoint Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a fully integrated IT portfolio management solution. In a single solution, Changepoint’s PPM software gives you end-to-end project and portfolio management visibility, allowing your organization the control it needs over applications, products, investments and projects. his integrated approach incorporates the disciplines of Portfolio Planning, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Application Portfolio Management (APM) and the management of resources involved in all aspects of the portfolio lifecycle. Ultimately, Changepoint’s PPM software is designed to function by seamlessly integrating the critical processes and data needed for effective IT management.

Resources to Execute

Demand management aims to answer the question "Do we have the resources to execute and when?". Using Changepoint you have a simpler, easier, centralized way to support the intake process from submission to evaluation to approvals.

Increase Resource Utilization

Resources are created and maintained in Changepoint Administration. Resource management allows your company to increase resource utilization, while reducing administrative overhead. By tracking resource skills and qualifications you can increase customer satisfaction by providing the most appropriate resources for each work assignment.

Workflow Layout

Using changepoint your organization can define workflows for Project, Candidates and Requests.The state workflow layout tool allows you to easilly define your workflow, by drag and drop icons in a design area to graphically represent the workflow.

Changepoint Intelligent Forms

Changepoint Intelligent Forms provides business process guidance that keeps users engaged and provides tailored experiences to match organizational processes, which helps drive financial success

What is Intelledox Infiniti ?

Mobile & Cloud-enabled digitization platform - optimize business process
Built-in Intelligence - intelligent process-driven data entry
Multi-output support - PDF, Word, PPT, XML, etc.
Delivery approach - installed on top of changepoint


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Our certified consultants have experience in many vertical markets and can provide guidance and assistance in ensuring that the solutions you select are the right fit and will deliver business benefit.

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